Client Testimonials

Our Clients Give You The Green Light

“The value, both from a service and cost perspective, that 1st Choice brings to the table is unmatched in the state of Missouri”
— Bryan G. Smith of RR Donnelley Logistics.

RR Donnelley Logistics is the nation's leading distributor of catalogs, magazines, books and direct mail. They utilize 1st Choice as a delivery agent for their Logistics division.

“We chose 1st Choice, initially due to the fact that they were a courier of relative size in the targeted mid-west markets where Ecolab wanted to establish pool point distribution. After working with them on the up-front operational, service and contractual requirements, it became clear that they are truly customer-focused. They did more than just talk about what they could do for us. Their actions, from the top down, have demonstrated focus on exceeding our requirements and those of our end customers, both in service and cost. Managing inside deliveries and the customer touch is the key to Ecolab's supply chain support of our sales enterprise, customers and bottom line. 1st Choice has been able to master that for us in the St Louis and Kansas City markets. We consider them one of our best delivery partners.”
— Howard Humphrey, Director of Global Logistics, Ecolab.

Ecolab is the world leader in premium commercial cleaning and sanitizing supplies. 1st Choice distributes approximately 1.5 trailer loads of their product per day to businesses in and around St. Louis, Kansas City and Southern Missouri.